Chicago Harris will work with your organization to design a custom training program that meets your unique needs. We offer a variety of classes from public finance to communication strategies to program evaluation. Course lengths range from one day to one week, depending on the number of classes you are interested in scheduling. We also offer flexibility in the delivery of the program. Chicago Harris professors can teach on-site at your office, in a Chicago-based venue, or via teleconferencing. 

Children & Families

Topics in children and family policy span diverse developmental, family, and policy contexts including childcare and early educational intervention, adolescent pregnancy and parenthood, maternal employment, welfare reform, and family structure. Chicago Harris faculty can teach abbreviated executive courses on such issues on the development, operation, efficacy, impact, and problems of institutions, policies, and social conditions affecting children and families. 

Health care

State and local governments are increasingly engaging in design, financing, and implementation of health care programs. Chicago Harris faculty bring expertise in a wide range of access, cost and quality issues from availability and impact of health insurance to payment of health care providers; biomedical ethics to resource allocation; and measuring and analyzing health care effectiveness to legal issues in health policy.


Education is essential to promoting economic growth, changing the distribution of income and increasing lifetime earnings in your community. Chicago Harris professors have examined a broad range of education topics - from the impact of education on society and individuals to the effects of public policies on education itself.

Environmental Policy

Chicago Harris faculty have addressed the relationships among government, business, special interests, ethics, and the law in the determination of environmental policy. They have looked at such questions as the impact of global warming on state-level energy demand; historical and international comparisons of environmental and public health outcomes; the disparity, roots, and consequences of the social responses to risk and environmental politics; and the determination of the value of public goods.

Organizations, Institutions & Management

This program area focuses on the political and institutional realities that shape the behavior of policymakers and public organizations. It provides participants with the means to comprehend the operation of public organizations; to evaluate public policies and institutions; and to navigate and influence the policy process. Faculty research and coursework covers the political economics of the policy process, public organizations and management, and program evaluation.

Finance & Public Finance

Chicago Harris faculty have examined a variety of public financing issues - including such topics as tax collection, public resource expenditure, investment analysis, and portfolio management - as well as financial ideas and methods that impact the world of practice.

Poverty & Inequality

During the last two decades, economic inequality has increased and poverty rates have remained high, even during periods of rapid economic growth. This program areas fosters an understanding of the causes and consequences of economic inequality and poverty, as well as the policies that affect them. Courses and faculty research focus on the historical and political aspects of such policies as well as their evaluation; the theoretical and empirical research of macro-economic conditions; labor force participation; race and ethnic relations; and family structure.