Partner Institutions

Chicago Harris sets the standard for effective and meaningful public policy leadership. We evaluate policy options based on evidence first, then consider implementation. No other school shares our commitment to shaping policy in this way. Students at Chicago Harris develop the intellectual tools to tackle the most challenging social, educational and economic issues facing our world. Harris faculty routinely break ground—and preconceptions—with their research on a wide array of topics including energy, health care, crime, inequality and early childhood development.

"Real impact requires insight and the ability to get things done. Our culture at Chicago Harris offers both. Harris alumni tackle challenging issues head-on, using data and analysis to steer policy change."
Daniel Diermeier, Provost, University of Chicago

NYU Wagner prepares public service leaders to translate ideas into actions that have an effective and lasting impact on the public good. We provide our students with critical analytic skills, help them leverage all that New York City has to offer and ensure they have a deep understanding of context so they can create positive change. Our interdisciplinary coursework, cutting-edge research, world-class faculty and focus on blending theory in the classroom with practice in the field prepare our students to think differently and creatively about solutions to critical social issues.

"Our vision identifies public service as work of public importance wherever it happens. It recognizes that limited approaches are increasingly ineffective in a world that is as fast-changing, globally interrelated and complex as ours has become."
Sherry Glied, Dean, NYU Wagner

The Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM), within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, and the College of Information Studies (iSchool) of the University of Maryland are a unique collaboration, training students in the collection, analysis, management and presentation of data in all sectors of our changing economy. JPSM is the nation’s oldest and largest program offering graduate training in the principles and practices of survey research. Maryland’s iSchool is a premier provider of research and education in information science, data analytics and human computer interaction that transforms the way individuals, organizations and communities manage and use information.

"Data and analysis have the potential to transform all aspects of our society, economy and the world—but only if this power can be brought to bear on the particular needs of individuals, communities and organizations."
Brian Butler, Professor and Senior Associate Dean, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland